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As adults, Mark and Lori found themselves leaving New Mexico behind. But time and time again, friends from the various cultures and regions in which they lived simply fell in love with the taste of their salsa, which inspired them to take the leap! It is this encouragement (and the mounting requests) that finally inspired Mark and Lori to bring their recipe to tables everywhere!


Without compromise, all natural “Salsa Senorita” is now produced and available for all to enjoy. We consider our product the best authentic salsa on the market today. We hope you will agree!


“el sabor único de Nuevo México”! (the unique taste of New Mexico)


 Mark & Lori


      Creators, Salsa Señorita

      Founders, El Nuevo Foods


Meet Mark and Lori


After much trial and error early in his adult life, Mark was determined to come up with a salsa that was unique in its flavors and yet, would not compromise its freshness. Throughout the years “Salsa Senorita” has become the family recipe for fresh salsa and has been enjoyed by friends and family.

Growing up in the beautiful Mesilla Valley of Southern New Mexico, the seeds were planted for what was to be “Salsa Senorita.” The rich Hispanic culture that both Mark and his sister Lori were immersed in, while growing up, would expose them to the best authentic Mexican cuisine anywhere in the world!

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